The best way to avoid waste is to grow your own food! Avoid packaging and pesticides by planting a garden. Space challenged? Container gardens are amazingly productive! Not up for gardening quite yet? Houseplants make great roommates. Be sure to use castings and compost to enhance your plants’ health and boost your garden’s productivity.

Using Worm Castings

Worm castings contain water-soluble nutrients that aid plant growth. To use as in potting or as a soil amendment: Mix 1 part worm castings with 4 parts soil or potting mix. For use with established plants: Add one inch of worm castings to top of soil before watering. Repeat every 2 months. As a fun experiment, try adding castings to one plant and growing another without. You’ll be amazed!

Using Compost

When planting, mix compost into your outdoor flower and vegetable beds – use anywhere from one quarter to one half compost mixed with potting or garden soil . You can also rake compost into tree beds (gently), blend it with potting soil for indoor plants, or spread a thin layer on your lawn as a soil amendment. Your plants will thank you!