Mindful Waste inspires and empowers learners of all ages to be mindful of the waste they create, to view it as a resource, and to become agents of change in their homes and communities. We are on a mission to eliminate food waste through education, prevention and recovery.

In the United States, many of us have the luxury of being disconnected from our waste. Our system of trucking it to landfills, incinerating it and shipping it – sometimes overseas – perpetuates our belief in a mythical land called “away.” Our food is often processed and packaged in the name of convenience, sacrificing our health and compounding the waste problem.

We can’t continue down the same path; the stakes are far too high. Our health is declining and industrial farming practices are depleting our soil. We believe that the best way to break the cycle is to empower everyone to identify problems, design solutions and implement programs that work to reduce waste.

Why do we spend so much time in schools?

Children are always learning. When we fail to present environmentally, economically and socially responsible methods of sorting our waste, they learn that it’s not important to be thoughtful about the waste we create. We know that’s not the case, and focusing on the issue empowers students to make changes that have a positive ripple effect throughout their families, schools and communities.

We’re here to empower the next generation of eco-literate changemakers. Equipped with knowledge of responsible waste management, sustainable food production, soil regeneration and conscious consumerism, they will restore the earth.