Many municipalities are interested in encouraging their residents to compost, but are unsure of where to start. We’re here to help! From small workshops to large, zero-waste events, we love to show the composting process in action. We can also help plan an educational program for a residential compost program rollout.

Composting Classes

Get the dirt on how to recycle food.

We love getting our hands dirty while teaching about compost! Join us for a class and learn how to compost at home using worms (vermiculture) or bin systems (hot composting). We’re happy teaching children and adults alike – contact us and we’ll plan a class that’s just right for your group. Classes can be held at our place (The Mindful Waste Wormery in Lake Barrington) or yours.

Zero-Waste Events

Big parties with little waste.

We love partnering with businesses and organizations to plan and execute low-impact events. When waste reduction is top of mind throughout the planning process, it’s amazing how little waste events can generate. Our most recent event was an outdoor festival for over 500 people – including dinner – and at the end of the night we had only 6 pounds of landfill waste. It is possible!

Pumpkin Pitches

Throw organic waste out of landfills.

Fall is harvest time, and the perfect time to engage communities in thinking about preventing food waste.


Inspiring mindful lifestyles.

Looking to share the message of waste reduction? Contact us about speaking engagements. Donations are kindly requested.